Olga Collett

Olga Collett grew up in Northern Russia in the days of the Soviet Union where her love and flair for fashion, not only out of desire but a necessity as well, started at a very early age. She spent her early childhood days with her grandmother in her sewing studio and was making clothes for her dolls out of the leftover scraps. By the time Olga was in high school she was designing and making her entire wardrobe applying all the skills she learned in her childhood: pattern making, sewing, knitting, embroidering. 

More About Olga

The designs she produced began to attract the attention of her classmates who started commissioning her to make clothes for them. 

Since Russia was a communist country at that time, she quickly reached the limits of what she could accomplish and decided to immigrate, first to Poland, then to Western Europe and eventually to the United States. Olga arrived in New York City at age 23 with little more than the clothes on her back and a relentless desire for a life with greater possibilities.

Olga quickly took to the open entrepreneurial opportunities before her and co-founded a translation business with her best friend, a natural choice for a young woman with a degree in foreign languages from one of Russia’s top linguistic universities. While the business grew to employ over 120 people and provide translation services in over 100 languages to life sciences and healthcare industries, Olga continued her pursuit of art, design, and fashion.

Since selling her translation business in 2016, Olga has dedicated herself to her true passion for fashion design focusing on making beautiful cashmere clothing under the brand name O’Collett.  Olga’s fashion style is well accepted by her Southern California friends and acquaintances as it combines the elegance of fine European design with the casual flair of our relaxed southern California lifestyle. Her creations encompass unique freedom, color, and flair in stark contrast to the dark and drab fashion of her early years in the Soviet Union.